TrendWealth Review: a Valid Online Business or Internet Business Scam?

Published: 20th August 2010
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If you are looking out for a valid online small business there are a number of tests to apply to establish if the possibility is valid or a con. Answers are not always plain nonetheless it is sensible to investigate the opportunity before parting with your money.

There are thousands of stings on the web and some legitimate online home-based business prospects. Distinguishing between the two can be really difficult. Regularly the sting sites look pro and guarantee great incomes. Many of us fall victim to these conmen. The Internet Crime Complaint Center gives one or two guidelines to avoid business venture swindles.

One such tip is to be leery of exaggerated claims of possible earnings or profits. As an example, one unasked for e-mail I received claimed that I could "Make $1100.00 in one week, $3200.00 in 2 weeks, $5600.00 in 30 days." This amount is fanciful. It's highly unlikely to earn such a massive income in such a brief period of time with no prior experience with a Web business.

If the net business proposition is legit then it'd be reasonable for someone who has been in the business for 2 years to be earning a major earnings. A web business is like any other business, you will need to work hard at building it up over a time period to supply a decent income.

TrendWealth does talk about "financial freedom" but I don't find any specific numbers to back that claim. On their website, however TrendWealth offers four high commission product packages and a generous commission structure, so "financial independence" might be a realistic target with talent and earnest, consistent effort over time .

Another tip the Internet Crime Complaint Center provides is to be wary of inflated assertions of product efficacy. On their product tour page, TrendWealth boldly claims that "we provide the highest quality and in demand marketing products found anywhere on the planet." The TrendWealth product packages do appear to contain a few thousand internet marketing tools, training videos, and professionally rendered promoting videos. It appears apparent that the product package values surpass the pricetag. In an advantage vs cost analysis, the TrendWealth product package benefits seem to outweigh the cost. In addition there's a three day conditional guarantee on all the product packages.

Finally, the Internet Crime Complaint Center counsels to be suspicious when the break claims "no experience necessary". As with any legitimate opportunity, abilities are needed. If a person is new to internet marketing, without question, there is a learning curve involved. Rather than claiming "no experience necessary", TrendWealth offers intensive coaching in cutting edge internet marketing systems as part of their product package.

In exploring a Web business, it's a good idea to look on the internet site for any contact information and the supply of support staff. TrendWealth seems to be widely available by e-mail and phone and they also offer webinars. TrendWealth provides Live Online Support for all associates. If you select to become a member of TrendWealth you need a current member to sponsor you. Your sponsor's contact information should be noted on the TrendWealth internet site that you visit. You may also find it useful to contact your potential sponsor to be certain they are available and ready to help you succeed.

According to the standards recommended by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, TrendWealth seems to be a legit Internet business with which someone could, with significant effort and ability be converted into an exceedingly lucrative revenue opportunity.

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